The Cold One's War

Good Deeds and Strange Consequences

Session 3

After continuing their rest the next morning the heroes awoke and went about their way to the Nukak tribe. Upon reaching the edge of the desert, a land cracked and dry, devoid of growing life they were set upon by thri-kreen scouts. Before a battle could begin, Morgan, who had been with the Nukak tribesince yesterday, stopped them assuring the scouts these were her friends.

The scouts brought the companions back to the chief, Velate, and his wife, Arael. The Bard, overhearing their conversation in thri-kreen came to know that their daughter, Caidana, was missing. He presumed it was the work of the Wanderers, a rouge group of mixed races who thieve from the nomads and traders in the desert. The companions immediately promised to find her in return for shelter and a passage through the desert. Velate, more than happy to oblidge called his best scout, Cordove to lead them to the last place his daughter was seen.

There the companions found a bit of cloth which Cordove identified as being from Caidana’s clothes. Cordove rushed back to the tell Velate the news and none too soon for the companions led by The Bard, who was the best at following trails, found a path of blood leading to a thri-kreen claw, severed from it’s owner.

The blood then led to a a tunnel leading into the ground and a cave at the end. There, the companions engaged in battle with the Wanderers who had indeed kidnapped Caidana. All were killed except for one, with whom Cole tried to reason with but the thri-kreen killed himself. Caidana tried to follow his lead convinced she could not return to her father beaten and missing a claw. Cole’s voice swayed her mind and instantly fell in love. She followed him and the companions back to the camp.


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