The Cold One's War

Feasts and Sandstorms

Session 4

After finding Caidana and returning her to camp Velate proclamied that this night there shall be a feast and there, the companions would retell their adventure on recovering Caidana. The companions, more than happy to attend this feast walk around the camp for a short while.

Meanwhile, Alain, who received the letter to report to Edina Port a little late was waking at the camp. On his way to Edina, he was ambushed by a group of vampires. The Nukak tribe, stopping the attack, took in Alian, seeing he was a member of the Executioners. He awakes and walks about the camp. As soon as leaving the tent, The Bard sees him and is overcome with joy as they had traveled together before. A messenger bird appears, with a note signed by Nemcar that Alain will be joining them on their quest.

After milling about the camp, a loud gong signaled the beginning of the feast. The Bard recounts the tale as Caidana gives the eyelashes to Cole whom she insisted sit next to her. As the tale ends the feast begins and so does the dancing and general merriment. The companions get a chance to rest and recover from yesterday’s attack and todays adventure.

Simon fancied himself a liter of mead and made merry with the older thri-kreen. The Bard told wonderful tales to the children. Cole who was unable to escape the fluttering eyelashes of Caidana was forced to remain at her side for the evening (at which Simon laughed wholeheartedly at). Morgan was heard singing a song to the children at which they could not understand the words but still marveled at. Alain, although not part of the rescuing mission, simply being acquainted with the companions was allowed to partake in the glorious feast and was seen dancing with the lovely ladies of the tribe.

That night, while the companions slept, a sandstorm whipped up and while that would not normally disturb them, The Bard and Morgan heard sounds of an attack. Awaking their companions and setting out, they were me tby Cordove who asked for their help once more. The compaions faced three FlameBorn Zombies and one drowned ghost amidst the storm. On becoming victorious, they checked the camp and seeing all was well, returned to sleep.


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