The Cold One


Damien is a large man with long matted black hair. Tattoos to various rituals and gods cover his body. It is obvious looking at his face and size that perhaps he was one that was sought after by girls in life. However how knows how long it has been since then.


Damien is rumored to be the first vampire of Lashermire. Whether he was the one how brought it to the continent or came to it like that nothing is known. It is said that he is the one who made th forest as it is, drawing back the werewolves of old to reside in the trees. He was always in the background of history, changing things here and there, killing important kings, queens, and perhaps begining a small war over a dead child.

It wasn’t until he fell in love with Lilith and Carmen who soon became his daughters of night and lovers of blood that the true war began.

His very name is hushed and not even the wisest of men or the noblest of houses will speak his name for it is cursed for all who utter it.



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