The Cold One's War

Feasts and Sandstorms
Session 4

After finding Caidana and returning her to camp Velate proclamied that this night there shall be a feast and there, the companions would retell their adventure on recovering Caidana. The companions, more than happy to attend this feast walk around the camp for a short while.

Meanwhile, Alain, who received the letter to report to Edina Port a little late was waking at the camp. On his way to Edina, he was ambushed by a group of vampires. The Nukak tribe, stopping the attack, took in Alian, seeing he was a member of the Executioners. He awakes and walks about the camp. As soon as leaving the tent, The Bard sees him and is overcome with joy as they had traveled together before. A messenger bird appears, with a note signed by Nemcar that Alain will be joining them on their quest.

After milling about the camp, a loud gong signaled the beginning of the feast. The Bard recounts the tale as Caidana gives the eyelashes to Cole whom she insisted sit next to her. As the tale ends the feast begins and so does the dancing and general merriment. The companions get a chance to rest and recover from yesterday’s attack and todays adventure.

Simon fancied himself a liter of mead and made merry with the older thri-kreen. The Bard told wonderful tales to the children. Cole who was unable to escape the fluttering eyelashes of Caidana was forced to remain at her side for the evening (at which Simon laughed wholeheartedly at). Morgan was heard singing a song to the children at which they could not understand the words but still marveled at. Alain, although not part of the rescuing mission, simply being acquainted with the companions was allowed to partake in the glorious feast and was seen dancing with the lovely ladies of the tribe.

That night, while the companions slept, a sandstorm whipped up and while that would not normally disturb them, The Bard and Morgan heard sounds of an attack. Awaking their companions and setting out, they were me tby Cordove who asked for their help once more. The compaions faced three FlameBorn Zombies and one drowned ghost amidst the storm. On becoming victorious, they checked the camp and seeing all was well, returned to sleep.

Good Deeds and Strange Consequences
Session 3

After continuing their rest the next morning the heroes awoke and went about their way to the Nukak tribe. Upon reaching the edge of the desert, a land cracked and dry, devoid of growing life they were set upon by thri-kreen scouts. Before a battle could begin, Morgan, who had been with the Nukak tribesince yesterday, stopped them assuring the scouts these were her friends.

The scouts brought the companions back to the chief, Velate, and his wife, Arael. The Bard, overhearing their conversation in thri-kreen came to know that their daughter, Caidana, was missing. He presumed it was the work of the Wanderers, a rouge group of mixed races who thieve from the nomads and traders in the desert. The companions immediately promised to find her in return for shelter and a passage through the desert. Velate, more than happy to oblidge called his best scout, Cordove to lead them to the last place his daughter was seen.

There the companions found a bit of cloth which Cordove identified as being from Caidana’s clothes. Cordove rushed back to the tell Velate the news and none too soon for the companions led by The Bard, who was the best at following trails, found a path of blood leading to a thri-kreen claw, severed from it’s owner.

The blood then led to a a tunnel leading into the ground and a cave at the end. There, the companions engaged in battle with the Wanderers who had indeed kidnapped Caidana. All were killed except for one, with whom Cole tried to reason with but the thri-kreen killed himself. Caidana tried to follow his lead convinced she could not return to her father beaten and missing a claw. Cole’s voice swayed her mind and instantly fell in love. She followed him and the companions back to the camp.

Getting to Know You
Session 2

After resting at the inn the companions awoke (well some) to _Morgan_’s absence. Questing Thia did no good as Morgan seemed to leave in the silence of the night. Downstairs, the waiter from the night before gave them a scroll left by Morgan saying:

“I regret to inform you that I must leave your company for a short while. I have been humble asked to take a short mission by the priests who sheltered me after my reincarnation. I will meet up with you at the Nukak tribe in the Desert of Silence”

After delicioud cucoo eggs for breakfast the four departed to the stables where Thia and the Bard left their horse, Idris, and carriage for the night. A quick interaction with the stable boy, ensuring he would not starve that night the four set off.

The discussions were had as the companions found out about each other. Simon was the first to talk about his family, _Cole_’s relatives. Cole was disturbed to find out that _Simon_’s father, mother and sister had gone missing from their manor. No one had heard from them in weeks before Simon investigated. The Bard, always looking for a new adventure promised he would help Simon once their quest with Nemcar had finished. Thia begrudgingly gave her word as well.

Just on the edge of the Desert of Silence the companions took their rest. While camp was to be set, they were attacked. Four undead beasts emerged from the shadows cast by the moonlight. Two flameborn zombies, one ghost of a drowned man, and one vampiress seeming to rule them.

After a long battle, the creatures were defeated, the vampiress bursting into dust except for a scroll. The Bard, who can read, write and speak any language read the message in supernal aloud to all:

The location is north east. South of the river. Kill the guardian. The glasses will letyou see the place. Do not return unless you have it.

Any hero who knew what the vampiress was, knew that her kind cannot speak supernal.

End session.

Unlikely Allies
Session 1

Our adventure began with each of our heroes receiving a letter. Although each was worded differently for his or her personal circumstances with the Executioners, but nevertheless, asked for their presence for a mission.

The letter for Morgan, the newly reincarnated Deva, recounted her glorious battle in the war against the Cold One, and thanked her for her assistance in creating the Executioners. It regretfully asked her expertise in a mission. She agreed and set of towards Edina Port from the Temple of Avandra in Alyshire.

The letter for a mysterious man with pale skin going only by “The Bard” and his companion, the equally pale and apathetic, Thia, thanked their help on their most recent mission in assisting with the Executioners constant battle against the undead. It sadly asked for their help, once again, in battle. Thia agreed for “the bard”, as he is much too giddy and happy with life to even be bovver’d by a letter. They set off towards Edina Port as per requested.

The letter addressed to Simon Belmûnt thanked him for his work as the member of the Executioners. Although his most recent mission with them is all too soon, his presence was asked for at the office in Edina Port. Setting his family matters for a later date, he set off as his missing family would have wanted him to do.

The letter for Cole, man who came into his sorcerer powers in all the wrong ways, praised him for his recent work in helping the Executioners. It asked for his help “all to soon” it said in another mission. He left for Edina Port as the letter said.

When the heroes arrived at Edina Port, The Bard and Thia first, they were greeted by Adam, the secretary of the Edina Port Executioners Office. He gave them a letter, commenting that they must be the first of five to appear. He sent them to the nearest tavern, as they looked deathly pale (and make him quiet nervous, thank you very much!). The next to arrive was Simon whom he greeted with a salute upon seeing his Executioners badge. He also gave him a letter a directed him to the tavern as well. After was Cole, whome he greeted respectfully, and frightened at his voice, Adam ushered him out quickly to the tavern after giving him the letter as well. Morgan was the last to arrive at the office and Adam was so pleased to be in the presence of another Deva. (You see, he had never seen one in person before, it was like seeing King Maximus, you know. I mean all that knowledge and power in one person, all the glory and respect to the gods’ blessed race![as Adam would say]) After untwisting his tongue he gave the directions to the tavern where her companions were waiting.

The letter each of them was given by Adam, asked for their presence at a particular location in the second ring of the port. At sundown, the appointed time, the heroes arrived at the destination and “met” their benefactor. Never showing her face “Nemcahr” asked them on a dangerous mission promising the rewards the all were searching for: Forgiveness for a terrible deed, peace for an uneasy soul, reason for being here, answer to the wrongs committed and a family to return to. She requested they leave at the break of day for the small town of Alyshire where unease has been growing.

-End Session-

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