There was once the kingdom of Luneria, ruled by the deva King Maximus and his deva queen, Kay. There was always talk of boogeymen and the rising power of the vampires, but none could see the destruction that would take place.

The Old One, Damien, a vampire of untold age, rumored to be the first, had begun to amass an army. He took the human necromancer, Lilith, and the human fighter, Carmen, to be his daughters and lovers of the night. Together they began to wreak havoc upon the world and the population of undead and vampires grew.

King Max, try as he might, could not keep the vampires at bay and in the king’s most dire time of need, his wife, the beautiful sorceress Kay, was stolen from her bed by Lilith. She made Kay a child of the night and Carmen did the same to an orphan cleric. Rine was tricked by Carmen, believing her to be a messanger of her diety, the goddess of the moon, Sehanine. The five, Damien, Lilith, Carmen, Kay and Rine created such an army of undead, vampires and creatures of Darkness, Maximus feared for his kingdom. And so began the Cold One’s War.

The spark of the war was his wife stolen from their bed and the battles began. Maximus fought the armies of the undead with his general the elven fighter Ranani and with the help of this advisor the elven ranger Kellindil. It is rumored Rine and Kay were killed but no bodies were ever found.

Suddenly, in the midst of what became known as “The Last Battle” on the Desert of Silence, the vampires and undead stopped fighting. Everyone looked at the highest hill of bodies to see Carmen and Lilith fighting Damien and in a flash took quick for the human eye, the sisters of the night killed Damien holding head high for all to see before it disintegrated to dust. The Old One was dead after centuries and a millenia of destruction. No one knows how or why, the two daughters killed their god of the night but without a sound or trace, they disappeared.

Many considered the war to be a win, but for King Maximus, the loss of his wife and soul mate was devastating. After the battle and the people began to rebuild, King Maximus passed. But as all devas do, he knew he would be reincarnated for he and Kay had promised each other to always find the other in the next life. Before departing from this world, he appointed Kellindil and Ranani as the next king and queen of Luneria. This brought the people into “The Age of Waiting”. Everyone knew Carmen and Lilith would strike again so Kellindil and Ranani created the Executioners to fight the undead.

For the past hundred years, the kingdom has been quiet as the X’s preform their duties with academies around the country and headquarters in the cities of Luneria and Edina Port. However, recently the armies are becoming faster… smarter… and larger. Ranani and Kellindil know the time of reckoning might be upon the world and they are preparing.

This time, they would not lose.

The Cold One's War

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